Funeral Costs

Our professional fees are charged at £1,400.00 and include the following:

  • Offering advice and guidance on all related matters.
  • Liaising with all third parties: church, clergy/officiant/ celebrantcrematorium, cemeteries, doctors, additional services etc.
  • Issuing payments to all third parties on your behalf.
  • Completing all documentation / paperwork.
  • Collection of the deceased (24 Hours a day) within a 20 mile radius.
  • Attendance of the funeral director and necessary staff the day of the service.
  • Provision of the hearse to the home, church and or crematorium / cemetery.
  • Care and preparation / dressing of the deceased (embalming optional at extra cost).
  • Use of Chapel of Rest and viewing.

In the cases of cremation, our fees also include:

  • The collection and storage of cremated remains.
  • Arranging the interment / scattering / decanting of ashes.

Direct Cremation

£1,500 - This service includes:
  • Funeral director services.
  • Simple coffin.
  • Transportation of the deceased to the funeral home and then direct to crematorium.
  • Cremation fee and doctor fee included.

Other Costs

  • Traditional veneered panelled coffin with silver furniture and suitably lined: £275.00. Other options available, please ask for further details.
  • Wicker / Cane coffins: £450.00. Other options available, please ask for further details.
  • Wooden ashes casket with engraved name plate: £37.50. Other options available, please ask for further details.
  • Provision of Limousine / family car to transport the family to and from the funeral: £210 per car.
  • Embalming: £125.00.
  • Service / Hymn sheets: From £50.00 (up to 100 sheets).
  • Local newspaper notice: From £165.00.
  • Horse drawn hearse (white or black horses and carriage: From £850.00.
  • Doctor’s fees for completing cremation certificates £82.00 each (cremation only)

Cemetery fee as per local authority/venue

Including: Margam, Goytre, Ynysmaerdy & Llantwit
  • Purchase of new grave depth of 2: £1010.00.
  • Interment / Burial fee: £850.00.
  • Purchase of Cremation Plot (room for 4 interments of ashes): £478.00.
  • Burial of Ashes / Interment: £372.00.

Crematorium Fees

  • Margam crematorium fee: £617.00.
  • Swansea crematorium fee: £765.00.
  • Coychurch crematorium fee: £745.70.

Church Fees

Ranging from approximately £200 but prices are dependent on the chosen venue. Please enquire for further information.


Minister / Officiant Fees

  • Church of Wales: £87.00.
  • Catholic: £125.00.
  • Civil – Celebrant: £195.00.
  • Other – Non-religious: £100.00.

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