Direct Cremation Port Talbot

Affordable and Dignified Funeral Services

Cockwell’s Funeral Service is an independent funeral director and provides direct cremation in Port Talbot and the surrounding areas of South Wales. Although direct cremations are our low-cost funeral option, they are conducted with dignity and we assure you that your loved one will be cared for with respect. To find out more about our direct cremations in Port Talbot, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How Much Does a Direct Cremation Cost?

A direct cremation is the most affordable funeral that we provide. Our prices are affordable, so get in touch for more information about arranging a dignified funeral service.

What is The Difference between a Direct Cremation and a Traditional Funeral?

A direct cremation is a simple funeral service that does not include an attended ceremony. Whereas a traditional funeral involves a tailored funeral ceremony and additional services such as flowers, celebrant or minister, funeral procession and so on.

Many people choose direct cremation because they simply do not want a fuss. Others may choose this type of funeral service because they prefer to celebrate the life of their loved one in their own way, without the need to attend a formal funeral service. In addition, a direct funeral is the most affordable option. As a result, the financial aspect can help ease financial strain when a loved one dies. Whatever your reasons for considering a direct cremation, we assure you that we carry out our dedicated funeral services with dignity and respect.

What Does A Direct Cremation Include?

Our direct cremation service includes the following:

Emotional Support

Andrew and the team at Cockwell’s funeral services are experienced in bereavement counselling. As a result, we are here to support you from the first contact to beyond the funeral service. Our friendly and sympathetic team can answer any questions you may have and explain the process to you while providing emotional support along the way.

Contact Cockwell’s Funeral Service

If you require further information about our direct cremation in Port Talbot and the surrounding areas of South Wales including Neath, Cwmafan, Goytre, Bryn, Baglan, Maesteg, Llangynwyd, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can explain the process and help you decide if it is the right option for you.

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